The Studio

The Studio

Dance Creations studio is a fun, young, multi-racial, vibrant, artistic and creative studio offering a variety of dance styles to suit any dancer of any age weather you’re experienced or just starting out. We have been open since June 2016 till present and we’re growing and improving every day. Up to date our youngest dancer has just turned two and our oldest dancer will be turning 67 this year.

We attend many national and regional competitions, workshops, road shows and host concerts to help the dancers improve in their dancing and to create a healthy team spirit within the studio. We take part in Mini Team Matches, Full Team Match and the SA Championships, all of which are very challenging and competitive competitions.

We have talented and hard working students in our studio, many of which are gold medalists and have already

qualified to compete at the SA Championships 2017. We also have students representing South Africa in Reunion Island 2017 and other international competitions. In 2018 four of our students will be representing South Africa in Asia, Australia and Los Angeles.

What we offer: • National and international competitions and exposure. • Exams. • Numerous performance opportunities throughout the year. • Numerous workshops.  • Concerts, road shows and talent evenings.  • Now a member of TDA and SADF as well. • A Large variety of styles and disciplines. Successes thus far: • *Numerous gold, silver and bronze medalists. • *Students qualified to participate in Hollywood, Asia and Australia 2018. • Provincial team matches and provincial colors. • Students pursuing a career in the dance and arts industry.  • Students qualified for 2018 super cup dance championships at Sun City.  • Solo Latin dance became a provincial associate of dance sport. (SASCOC- South African sports confederation and Olympic committee).

We offer a vast variety of styles, the styles available at our studio are:
-Slow style
-Hip hop
-Latin/ ballroom.
-And many more.
We also offer Wedding classes, Skokie Classes, Adult classes, Bachelorette classes and many more.